Brows, Lashes & Lips



Microblading is an extremely popular eyebrow tattooing technique that uses several tiny needles to add semi- permanent pigment to the skin in thin, natural looking lines that blend in with the existing eyebrow hair. It is used to create, enhance or reshape the appearance of the eyebrows. Touch ups are typically needed every year.

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Microshading / Ombré Powder Brows

Using a tattoo machine, extremely fine dots of pigments are dispersed into the epidermis. “Powder effect”or “ombre brows” gives the appearance of make-up you would normally wear with little downtime, and heals more quickly than microblading. No smudging or make-up necessary!

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Yumi Lash Lift & Tint

An advanced technique designed to enhance your own beauty by adding length, heigh, volume, and color to your natural eyelashes without having to resort to false lashes.

Treatment takes about 45 minutes and is completely comfortable for the client. Treatment effect lasts anywhere from 8 - 12 weeks.

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Lip Plump

Laser Lip Plumping Give your lips a natural plump look with a heat therapy treatment promoting an instant collagen boost, and pigment. For best results we recommend one treatment weekly.

Treatment Time: 10/15 minutes

Downtime: None

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