Skin tightening & Body Contouring

Titan Skin Tightening

A safe, non-surgical procedure to tighten and firm skin on the face, neck and body. Titan uses light energy to heat the dermis deep beneath your skin's surface. Without surgery, recovery time, or injections, it is an ideal solution for tighter, brighter, firmer skin.

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Alma Accent is used for cellulite reduction, fat reduction, and body contouring. For cellulite treatment, a combination of radio frequency energy and mechanical massaging is used to increase metabolism of adipose tissue, which reduces fat cell volume, stimulates lymphatic drainage and smoothes out the texture of your skin. We recommend 8 - 12 weekly treatments for cellulite reduction. When working with body contouring and loose skin, the heat will generate a focused wound healing response which builds collagen and tightens the skin. We recommend 4 - 6 treatments scheduled every 2 - 3 weeks.

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Bio Slimming Body Wraps

This detox wrap helps you lose 1 - 2.5” per measured area in only 60 minutes! This miracle wrap slims, firms & tones, eliminates toxins, improves circulation, metabolism of fat cells, and appearance of spider veins and stretch marks. It dramatically decreases the appearance of fat deposits and cellulite by 47%. We recommend a series of 8-12 treatments 1 - 2 times a week.

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